Born in Zimbabwe,  but moving to South Africa at a young age I   completed my schooling in Cape Town and then went on to study extensively in Business Management and Project Management in particular in the Construction Industry. I worked in a number of construction related businesses and enjoyed in particular being involved in mass housing projects in the poorer communities. 

At the same time I have enjoyed committing some of my free time to charitable organisations and have served in various capacities from the initiation of Childline in 1990 to Chairing a fund raising initiative.  I was also involved in establishing a non profit organisation to facilitate the re-distribution of computers donated by major companies throughout South Africa to the less privileged schools.

I have had the opportunity to have lived in Namibia and various provinces of South Africa during my working career.  My keen interest in the history and origins of Southern Africa along with my love for the outdoors has culminated with me becoming a fulltime freelance tour guide. 

I am an outgoing person who enjoys meeting, interacting and having the pleasure of showing visitors our beautiful country.  I am passionate about the exciting political history that we are experiencing and enjoy expanding on the diverse rich cultural mix that has developed at the Southern tip of Africa.

I have expanded my qualifications to guide in the Southern Cape, Garden Route touching into the Eastern Cape region.  These areas have become increasingly popular with local and international visitors because of their unique and breathtaking topography. 

I also hold a keen and expanded knowledge in the wine industry and wine appreciation.  I spend my spare time researching, reading and exploring with an emphasis on expanding my knowledge of our natural heritage of fauna and flora.