Hi my name is Daniel Sidis and I would like to tell you a little about myself.

I was born on the 4th of April 1954 in Kisangani (formally known as Stanleyville) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. My parents come from the Island of Rhodes and are from Spanish ancestry. After a few years my family moved to Lubumbashi (formerly known as Elisabethville) where I grew up until the age of 11. This was a province known as Katanga where brutal wars and conflicts have taken place. From these events my family decided to immigrate to Cape Town in South Africa where I have lived for 42 years. I hold an Italian, South African and Congolese passport and speak French, English and a smattering of an old dialect of Spanish

I started working in the fashion clothing industry while being a student, to pay my way. I left South Africa and returned to the Congo in 1980 for 4 years where I worked for import and export companies linked with Belgium and France. I have travelled the Congo from the mouth of the Congo River to the North Eastern province of Kivu. I explored the mouth of the Congo River as well as the Angolan territories. Back in South Africa I started a music retail business (vinyl records hire and Hi-Fi sales) called The Record Library. In the late 80ís I switched to the textile industry getting involved in manufacturing of mainly cotton knitted fabrics. When seeing the potential in the tourism in the Cape I decided to become a tourist guide in 1996.

I am an accredited guide by the department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism.

I am qualified for the Western Cape as the Northern Cape, Eastern Cape and Namibia.

I am a member of the Cape Town Tour Guide Association.

I have a certificate from the Cape Wine Academy in Stellenbosch.

I am a subscriber and member of the National Geographic Society

I have a diploma in production management

I am a qualified and hold a diploma in Estate Agency      

I am deeply interested in the beauty of the Cape, the Garden Route, the West Coast and the Malaria free zone of the Eastern Cape. On my tours, I love intertwining our amazing history with our present life. My life in Africa has led to a natural affection with our nature, sea life, plants, birds as well as our current affairs and politics in our young miraculous democracy. In many ways, I am your quintessential South Africa and in this way I am also sports crazy about football, rugby, cricket and golf.

I am your ambassador for the 2010 Soccer World cup ďIts Africaís turnĒ

Another one of my passions is the culinary delights of the Cape. I will show you cuisine from Cape Malay, African to Euro-African and some others in between as well. Itís not just The Cape Of Good Hope that you will experience - itís the Cape Of Good Food.

My philosophy is to build relationships with my guests culminating to friendship for a long time to come.

I enjoy movies, theatre as well as live music concerts and art events and I am a character model for film and TV advertising. I also collect old Bakelite radios and vinyl records.

Come and experience a world in one country

Letters from previous guests