Can you think of a more fulfilling career than sharing the secrets of one of the world’s most special places, with visitors who are on holiday, who are relaxed, and who are both interested and interesting?

I am indeed fortunate.

Who am I

My name is Garth and I was born and raised in a farming community in the heart South Africa, the Free State. After twelve years at boarding school in Bloemfontein and two years of national service, I thought that one day I may continue the family tradition and become a farmer, so I studied Agricultural Engineering.

That was not to be. I loved student life so much that I spent a couple of extra years on campus in Natal, completing an M.Sc. Engineering. After a brief spell doing research and lecturing at the university in Pietermaritzburg, I headed south to Cape Town.

It was here that I discovering the “new” world of Finance on the University of Cape Town MBA programme. It was here that I fell in love with Cape Town and my wife, Fiona.

This was followed by almost ten years as an equity analyst and portfolio manager, first in Johannesburg and later Cape Town. During that time I got married, had two children, learnt about portfolio theory, and travelled to the financial capitals of the world. I experienced the madness of the Dotcom Bubble, emerging market woes and wins, bulls and bears.!

What I do

I now live a simpler life. Our kids are at two fantastic schools in the shadow of Table Mountain.  I have developed a passion for our history and how the southern tip of Africa fits into the jigsaw puzzle of global economics and politics.  I love the city, with its beautiful buildings, its diverse people and dramatic stories. I love hiking, camping and sampling our beautiful wines and food.

Finally, I have settled on what must be the most rewarding career in the world. I spend my days sharing my interests and passion with visitors from around the globe, many of whom have become good friends and from whom I am constantly learning!

What could be more fulfilling?