I grew up near Durban and after graduating with a BSc Degree in Biochemistry and Environmental Biology. After my years at university I started working with and researching South Africa’s humpback and bottlenose dolphins. During this time, collaborations with various conservation organisations and laboratories took me to exciting destinations. I have assisted the Kenya Wildlife Services in the establishment of a coastal reserve in East Africa. I have conducted a population census of humpback dolphins and the elusive dugong off Mozambique. I spent a sabbatical at Scripps Institution for Oceanography, collaborating on a DNA sequencing project as part of a taxonomic reclassification of the bottlenose dolphin.

After returning to South Africa I provided services to the High Court as an expert witness and advisor in the use of DNA technology in serious crimes, a subject I later published in South African law journals. Six exciting years later, I graduated from Rhodes University with a PhD in Molecular Biotechnology, specialising in Population Genetics.

A brief corporate sojourn saw me working for a global pharmaceutical company before discovering the travel and tourism industry.

I started tour leading and guiding throughout Southern, East and North Africa in 2000, fuelling an ongoing interest in African and ancient cultures, traditions and people. Regular visits to remote communities and safari destinations presented unlimited opportunities for me to indulge my interest in photography and travel writing. As a consequence of my interaction with East African communities, I am now a director of a US-based non profit organisation which facilitates the education of orphaned and impoverished children, in particular, Maasai girl children at risk of early marriage.

The travel bug bit hard and in our spare time, my husband and I, also a guide, explore other parts of the world. A keen cyclist, I spend both work and pleasure time on two wheels, preferring to explore less visited areas both locally and abroad.

I love active travel (walking and biking), Safaris, Cultural travel, specialist academic tours.