I was born and raised in Germany and in 1996 I myself  came as a tourist from Germany to South Africa, where the love the my South African husband and the South African people as well as the city turned Cape Town into my new home.

In 1999 after finishing my studies in Social Science I moved permanently to Cape Town and shortly after that I started to become a tourist guide, so that I can share the diversity of African culture combined with the legendary scenic beauty of the Western Cape with travellers from around the world. I have developed a particular interest, through my sporting, social and humanitarian involvement in the townships, to the vibrant people and true African culture that exists there. Through the participation in various projects have I been welcomed with open arms and formed lasting friendships which makes it possible to invite you to experience the township. It is the African spontaneity that I would like to share with my guests.

Currently I am widening my knowledge of nature and I am taking part in a training course, offered by the NatureCollege Foundation in the Netherlands and taking place in the South African region of the Karoo, and will graduate in August 2009 to be an intuitive Nature Guide.

So far I have been mainly guiding in the Western Cape but I am also qualified for some other South African provinces. My wish is that the guest is able to experience something unique and authentic while in Cape Town.

Letters from previous guests