My Name is Khonaye Tuswa. I was born in the rural Eastern Cape and like any other young rural Xhosa boy, I did all the chores assigned to me. These included herding the cattle and sheep, working in the cornfields, using the animal drown wagons and milking cows by hand. Yup, I did it all and I am proud of it too.

I attended a primary school in the area before leaving for Johannesburg to stay with an aunt who at the time did not have any children and therefore needed a little one in the house to send now and then to the shop, to go and buy bread, milk and that sort of thing.

I now went to a primary school in Soweto where Zulu was the first language. It was pretty tough as my home language is Xhosa. Then in the late 1980’s due to riots and clashes between different political parties my aunt felt it was not safe anymore to stay in Soweto so we moved to Hillbrow in downtown Jo’burg. We stayed there for a year or so and I was now attending the Open School, taking English as my first language.

We stayed in Hillbrow for approximately a year before moving to a site she had bought in Midrand, between Johannesburg and Pretoria. We stayed here for a year before I decided I wanted to move to the seaside city of Cape Town, to be with my half brother and another aunt who had just returned from exile in the USA.

I now attended an English medium school in Milnerton area on the “West Coast”. We were very few black kids, no more than five in my class, but it was fun. I had friends who wanted to visit me in the Cape Flats, but I guess their parents would not let them and I could not visit them either as I had a long distance to cover. I had a monthly train ticket that I could not waste.

Then, after two years or so, me and my brother left for boarding school in Kokstad for two years and then eventually reunited with our father again when he was transferred to East London. He wanted us to come and live with him. I graduated from school high school in East London and then enrolled at East London College for a Tourism Diploma, inspired by my Aunt in Cape Town.

She was the first black female to start a tour operating business in Cape Town. During my school holidays I would visit her and acquire practical skill and exposure in the travel industry. When I completed my Tourism Diploma I moved back to the Cape to be with her and assist her whilst I looked for employment. At first I could not find a regular job. I got involved with Tsoga Environmental Resource Centre in Langa, working on voluntarily basis doing site guiding.

I fell in love with tour guiding really and decided to go back to school and complete a tour guiding course, Today I am self employed my niche is Township Tourism were I empower and support individuals, schools and families that add value to the services I render I wanted to give back and help were I can and that is exactly what I am passionate about. A tour with me of the Townships is perhaps the most profound human experience you will have in your entire visit to our beautiful country .Come and join me as I uncover a whole new world and environment for you