I was born in Cape Town in 1966 and have lived most of my life here, so have an intimate knowledge of the shifting, local scene.

A Humanities graduate from the University of Cape Town, where I majored in psychology and politics, I have continually sought to expand my knowledge through studying, reading widely and travelling all over the world.

My working experiences have been eclectic - being involved in retailing, journalism and sports coaching before moving into the tourism sector 15 years ago.

I have since forged a reputation as a well qualified, personable and entertaining guide with my versatility, a spirit of adventure, capacity for intelligent debate on a host of issues and a mischievous sense of fun characterising my tours.

Whether guests require insights into contemporary South African issues, introductions to "movers and shakers" in Cape Town or want intriguing exposure to cultural tourism, I can provide this. Other visitors may enjoy scenic outdoor pursuits or savouring the cosmopolitan Cape atmosphere - the accent is always on having a funky and fulfilling visit. Leisure time is valuable. So, when satisfied guests comment on feeling relaxed and enlightened after tours, I feel content on a job well done…

Whilst most of my activity is facilitating these private tours in and around Cape Town, my responsibilities in sports travel has recently seen me managing large groups in places as diverse as India, Australia and the West Indies.

With my Croatian wife raising our son in her mother tongue, I have 'an ear' for that language, studied French at school and developed a working grasp of German when coaching tennis there. But I cannot claim proper competencies in those languages, preferring to conduct my tours in English.

No matter your origins, I look forward to welcoming visitors from around this world or other galaxies to an assured, high-class experience with 'The Only Team' !