Dear Rrrrrrob:

Did I roll that enough? Your tour turned out to be the best thing we did in Africa. Thank you.

We also thought (Sethi and I) that your red wine was the best bottle we had. I want to know how we can get more.

I can't get enough of highly intelligent obsessed people like you; we enjoyed getting to meet you and to know you a little bit.

When you come to the states if you don't call me I'll slap you. 706-829-9305. I'm sure your wife must be very beautiful and also a brainiac but probably is completely sick of all your" stuff" (read bullshit) by now.

Never mind that. Remember in the riddle, it's his SON.

Please continue to keep in touch and remember to let us know about the wine.

Thanks for giving us the trip and so much of yourself; you're a trip. I'll be sure to check out all the links you sent.

Tom and Margaret Swift USA Flag

PS. Oh yes, I forgot to ask if you can say: Rubber baby buggy bumpers.


Dear Rob,

Got back to a cold Glasgow yesterday, and we're missing South Africa already!

What a wonderful country and lovely people you have down there, it was a real pleasure being there.  Both Rosemary and I learned so much about all sorts of things on our fantastic day out with you, and the chocolate and wine/port experience will be tried out at our next dinner party. The trip to Stellenbosh was certainly one of the highlights of our trip, and I will definitely catch up with you on my return to SA.

I love this word "ubuntu" which I compare to one of my own favourite words which is harmony........I think they're pretty close in meaning, but both are so important in how we treat each other as individuals and families.

Thank you for making us feel special, for making wine and food such fun, and for teaching us so much about your country.

Brendan Twohig UK Flag

Hi Rob, Yes, we enjoyed our time with you very much, and are very happy we were able to arrange this day together. We only wish we had had more time to spend in Cape Town. Guess we'll just have to return!

Thanks for sending on the photos. They're fun to see, and our friends appreciated them. I'm impressed with the topics you referenced that we had discussed, very thorough!

Our giraffe, sadly, did not make the trip intact. The airlines put a "fragile" tag on him, but he arrived broken in four places. Danny did some surgery on him, and he's recuperating in the "giraffe hospital" in our garage. Hopefully he will not look too battle scarred. 

Our trip was truly wonderful, and we hope to return to Africa, (who knows where exactly?) at some future date. We will definitely recommend your services to anyone we know who is travelling to Cape Town. All the best,

Sandy & Danny Drucker USA Flag
New Jersey

Dear Rob,

I first of all want to apologize for not writing any sooner. But upon our return we immediately had another trip and after that it was hectic getting back, and then … as they say in Capetown… there is always tomorrow!

We want to thank you so much for making our trip so wonderful. It was a pleasure meeting you and learning from you and seeing Africa through your eyes! We really fell in love with the country and you contributed to that very much!

We hope to be able to reciprocate your warm hospitality when you visit Israel the next time. Please call us when you come.

All the best and again thank you so very much!!
Michele, Eldad, Leeat and Yuval UK Flag
Tel Aviv

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