My name is Samantha, but I am also know as Zoliswa which is my African name. I was given the name Samantha just before I started school and the name became popular more than my African name. I come from the tribe known as AMAXHOSA and the name Zoliswa means Humble.

I was born in the Eastern Cape Province outside East London in Mdantsane Township about 1870 km east of Cape Town. That is were I did my schooling. History and geography were my favourite subjects. I came to Cape Town in 2000 to further my studies towards Tourism Management.

After my studies I did part time jobs here and there. In 2003 I worked in Robben Island Museum as an Information officer and it was here that I have develop an interest in Tourist guiding and the year later I registered to do a Regional tourist guiding course.

I have worked for a number of tour operators on freelance bases. During the past five years I have however involved myself in numerous other skills in an attempt to broaden my horizon and further my interest in other passions.

In 2007 I enrolled for the Business Course funded by the Raymond Ackerman Academy of entrepreneurs at UCT graduate school of business.

Fortunately for me, much of my working day is spent in the townships, in my own neighbourhood where I work as a Tourist Guide, conducting township tours. I love bringing people to see where I live, meeting people, walking the streets, sharing a joke and greeting friends and strangers alike. The community is happy to see me bringing tourists into their living space as many of them have also started to develop business of their own which benefit from foreign visitors exploring these places which they may have seen from a distance, driving into the city along N2 highway from the airport.

A tour with me will take you to the other side of Cape Town where there is a vibrant community, telling you about our past and the present. Our hopes, dreams, fears and triumphs.

Other than that, Samantha is an out going person…. a people’s person.
I love spending my free time with kids.
I was born a singer I can sing the click song better than Miriam… a joke!
Please ask me to sing for you…