Discover the wonders of the Cape!  
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There is so much more to the Cape Peninsula than penguins and Cape Point....

  • Let one of our botanical specialists tell you about endemic medicinal and useful plants in the Kirstenbosch gardens

  • Feel like you are "the King of the world" after climbing one of the peninsula's lighthouses. This is truly matchless!

  • Explore our coastal rock pools with our marine biology guide to view the abundant marine life in our coastal waters

  • Let’s go walking with the baboons under the qualified and watchful eye of a primate guide

  • Meet with some very famous South African artists and sculptors in their private studios and galleries

  • Enjoy a mid-morning coffee stop in some very unique locations

  • Take a “water taxi” ride for a completely different view of the peninsula

  • Visit a fish monger with one of our cultural guides where you can  where you can taste the indigenous fish called Snoek

  • Take pleasure in lunch at an award winning restaurant

  • Take in a informed and leisurely walk with one of our nature guides on the Cape Point nature reserve

  • Visit some community empowerment projects, with one of our empowerment guides

  • See what imaginative people can do with African pottery or the humble tea-bag

  • Enjoy old fashioned tea and cookies with one of the oldest residents of multifaceted Kalk Bay

  • Do an informative, non-intrusive bicycle ride with our cycling guide through the a Township

  • Go hiking with one of our qualified mountain navigators up one of the beautiful mountains surrounding the Cape

  • Meet the cheese maker and taste cheese

  • One of our garden guides can take you to some of the most fabulous privately owned gardens in the greater Cape Town

  • Take a field trip with one of our birding specialist guides