Discover the wonders of the Cape!

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Just what makes our experiences so different?

  • “The Only Team” provides tourist guides, not tours. Therefore we create experiences and don't simply complete itineraries.

  • Our team of tourist guides are all graduates or alternatively qualified and specialists in various fields, thereby able to provide you with a touring experience based on qualified knowledge.

  • Each member of our team had to undergo stringent evaluation and testing before being selected for the team.

  • Our team members are mature enough to be able to ‘read‘ the guest accurately and ascertain what should be suggested for a particular experience.

  • We tailor-make each experience according to your specific wishes and spend whatever time is required to attend to the smallest detail.

  • Our emphasis is on the quality of the tour content and your tourist guide and not the brand of touring vehicle.

  • Our style of touring is completely flexible and enables us to adapt an itinerary to suit your every desire.

  • Anything do-able can be done.

  • We strive to provide unique experiences with “memorable moments” so we as a team do exceptional things for you.

  • If you can dream it, we have probably done it!